As some of you may know, Pokémon is incredibly important to me. Thus I am already ridiculously excited about the reveal of two, possibly not even real logos, revealed only 24 hours before a special Pokémon Nintendo Direct. Based off of these two images, however, you ought to be as excited as I am. Here is why:

They parallel Gold and Silver

Undoubtedly, without question, you‚Äôd be insane to disagree, the pinnacle of Pok√©mon main games are Gold and Silver and their remakes Ho-oh is the ‚Äúguardian of the skies‚ÄĚ, Lugia is the ‚Äúbeast of the seas‚ÄĚ. There is a sun in our sky due to the orbit of the Earth. The Moon affects tidal patterns with its gravitational pull and tidal changes happen significantly in large bodies of water such as seas. Look at the names of the Unseen Forces TCG English release theme decks if you don‚Äôt believe me: GoldenSky and SilveryOcean. It‚Äôs clear as night and day. Parallels are good. Nintendo has a history of trying to find homages and nods between related works. This is an auspicious start.


You know which other Pokémon games made a point of referencing sunshine and moonlight? No, not Generation III, but

Pokémon Ranger

This fantastic spinoff game had a really interesting world, concept, and design. The Fiore region was awesome, with sparsely populated towns and cities named after seasons, and protagonists named after, THAT’S RIGHT, the sun and moon.


LUNICK. LUNA. I mean, how cool is that name?


It‚Äôs a bit odd that a feminine noun like ‚Äúla luna‚ÄĚ and the masculine ‚Äúel sol‚ÄĚ were ascribed to the opposite genders, but you know what, that‚Äôs Pok√©mon for you. PROGRESSIVE.



This is a really cool looking probably Steel-Fairy Artifical Pokémon. It’s a good start to Generation VII.

So it’s pretty clear that whenever the Pokémon Company use night and day as inspiration, their mojo rises ten-thousand fold. And these games are potentially NAMED after the sun and moon, so that’s like a 10 million combo bonus right there.


Based off of the presented evidence, I am 100% convinced these new games will reach the zenith of Pokémon awesomeness. These games will be the very best, like no game ever was. Now to catch them will be my real test (of patience).